Evidence-based health, designed for children’s minds,
to improve their lives.

Train the brain to beat the pain!

At nen we leverage play and interactive games to democratize pain management and empower children.

nendo is a digital program that may help kids with cancer by providing them with behavioral techniques that can improve how they live with their pain.

Teaches behavioral techniques for pain management

Digital program for kids, fun and engaging

Interactive games and resources adapted to kids needs

Educational services and support techniques to help your child

nendo’s companion app for parents

Information about the kid’s pain evolution and learning

We need new approaches to manage and modulate pain that target the psychological aspects of pain.

A child’s ability to
both communicate and manage pain is very different from that
of an adult.

Pediatric pain
and wellbeing management is poorly adressed by current traditional and digital health solutions.

Kids make up 25% of the population and 100% our future but only 4% of research is focused on kids.
For example, 500.000 kids are fighting cancer globally (1).
nearly all of them will experience pain (3).
Chronic health conditions resulting from childhood cancer therapies contribute to emotional distress in adult survivors (4).
Childhood cancer survivors reported higher rates of pain, fatigue, and sleep difficulties, all of which are associated with poorer quality of life (4).

Sources: (1) Lancet Oncol. 2017;18(6):719-731 (2), US data (3) Oncol Nurs Forum. 2011;38(5):E382–393 (4) Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) Fact Library

Proud to have been selected by:

UNICEF Lab VI edición

Awards received:

Winner of the #EC2VC Pitch Competition at the Radical Health Festival Helsinki.

3rd award 2022 Pediatric Innovation Day – I4Kids

nen has been founded to help
kids with pain, their families, and HCPs.

We develop evidence-based methods to manage the psychological aspects of pain.
Kids matter, and we are committed to kids.

nendo is a support tool. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please read the instructions for use.