Evidence-based health, designed for children’s minds,
to improve their lives.

About nen

nen has been founded to help kids their families and HCPs with pain management. nen is developing an app with Evidence based techniques to address pain management through play, leveraging gamification approaches and behavioral methods that may help to improve their overall wellbeing.
The trust the families put in is of upmost importance for nen, so we are not selling data to 3rd parties, and everything will be anonymized and secured following data trust principles (HIPAA and GDPR). Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to read all about how we protect your and your child’s data.

About nendo & nendo parents

Numerous research studies suggest that behavioral methods that mask sensation of pain can lead to significant improvement in quality of life. In many studies, these techniques been demonstrated to be as effective as other methods of managing pain.
nendo is a digital tool that may help kids with pain (for e.g. as side effects of cancer treatment or due to cancer) by providing them with behavioral techniques that can improve how they live with their pain. Nendo has not been reviewed or approved by the Food & Drug Administration or relevant health authorities and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please read the instructions for use.
Pain has a huge mental and social component. Kids hospitalization and medical interventions cause much agitation by itself and inflicts psychological pain. Furthermore, there is a lack of dedicated pain Psychologists to interact with all the children to deliver support during the in-patients rounds and when they leave the hospital. nen is endeavoring to support children experiencing pain by providing a tool that could be used in the hospital or home environment to help maskpain signals.

Parents are a key agent in the child’s improvement and wellbeing. nendo parents is a separate app provided by nen and directly linked to nendo that provides a range of integrated educational services and support techniques to help parents help their children. Parents will have access to their child‘s pain and mood progression and evolution through the app.

nendo is the solution designed for kids and nendo parents the platform for parental support.

To guarantee data privacy and include the required registration and parental consent mechanisms, the legal guardian should download nendo parents first. Parents using nendo parents will register their child and grant access to nendo to them linking both apps/devices following an easy tutorial.

Aligned with nen’s mission, our software solution (nendo) may provide pain management at scale to democratize access worldwide. We are in business to build Evidence-based support tools, designed for children’s minds, to improve their lives.
When you buy nendo, you help provide free access to a better psychological support to other kids in need, so they can live healthier lives as well, wherever they are.
Once you buy nendo for your child we will provide access to another child who could stand to benefit from nendo.
Going forward, we will share the number of kids that have benefited from this approach via the nen Foundation.

nendo is a patient support tool, it is not:

  • just a videogame
  • technology with no scientific foundation
  • physician connected platform
  • dosage reminder tool.

A videogame can be used as a distraction technique to reduce stress in acute interventions but nen introduces to the game an evidence-based approach. Our lifestyle activities within nendo are designed to foster healthy habits, promoting awareness of physical activity and nutrition. Throughout their journey, users areaccompanied by Dolores, their main companion, ensuring guidance and support. In addition to the digitalized CBT activities, users can earn virtual rewards like clouds and build sandcastles for each completed daily entry.

nendo’s first indication is for school aged children from 7-12 years old.

Technical support


  • Download nendo parents in your device and nendo in your child’s device.
  • Open nendo parents and complete the registration process by creating your child’s profile.
  • Next, you’ll need to scan a QR code that you will find in nendo or enter the alphanumeric code, that will link the profile you created with your child’s device.
  • Open nendo to find the QR code or numeric code.
  • Use your device camera to scan the QR code and finish the registration.
  • You’re all set, your devices are now linked!
  • Your child will be able then to start their journey with nendo on their device.
  • You will be able to track their progress and explore the resources and services available to you in nendo parents.

If additional support is needed, you can write to us at

Downloadable app for use on smartphones.